Commit fec186d9 authored by Dr. Martin Goik's avatar Dr. Martin Goik


parent e0ef8d99
......@@ -9835,8 +9835,8 @@ After call: <emphasis role="red">6</emphasis></screen></td>
<figure xml:id="sd1_fig_createLectureByIntDay">
<title>Weekly offered lectures</title>
<programlisting language="none"><link
<programlisting language="none">Class <link
final Lecture
phpIntro = new Lecture(<emphasis role="red">Day.MONDAY</emphasis>, "PHP introduction"),
......@@ -9998,7 +9998,7 @@ System.out.println(Screwed2.
<para>Compare enumeration values for equality by virtue of the
<para>Enumeration value equality comparison by virtue of the
<code>==</code> operator.</para>
......@@ -10039,7 +10039,7 @@ System.out.println(Screwed2.
<figure xml:id="sd1_fig_rewriteGetPrice">
<title> Re-writing <methodname>getPrice()</methodname></title>
<title>Re-writing <methodname>getPrice()</methodname></title>
<programlisting language="java">/**
* Charge double prices on weekends
......@@ -10098,8 +10098,8 @@ class_wrapper.Day@63961c42</emphasis></screen></td>
<title>Defining a private constructor</title>
<figure xml:id="sd1_fig_enumPrivateConstructor">
<title><code language="java">private</code> <classname>Day</classname>
constructor </title>
<title>Define a <code language="java">private</code>
<classname>Day</classname> constructor</title>
<programlisting language="none">public class <link
xlink:href="">Day</link> {
......@@ -10124,9 +10124,9 @@ class_wrapper.Day@63961c42</emphasis></screen></td>
<td valign="top"><programlisting language="java">Class <link
final Day PAST_SUNDAY = new Day();
Day PAST_SUNDAY = new Day();
final Lecture phpIntro = new Lecture(
Lecture phpIntro = new Lecture(
PAST_SUNDAY, "PHP introduction");
......@@ -10197,7 +10197,7 @@ class_wrapper_private.Day'</emphasis></screen></td>
case SUNDAY: return "Domenica";
return null; // Actually unreachable, but static
// code analysis is limited
// code analysis is limited
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