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Bootstrapping OpenLdap by Docker

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......@@ -390,6 +390,34 @@ postOfficeBox: 10G
userPassword: {SSHA}noneOfYourBusiness</programlisting>
<figure xml:id="sdi_ldap_ditConfigDb">
<title>OpenLdap server architecture</title>
<imagedata fileref="Ref/Ldap/openldapArch.multi.svg"/>
<itemizedlist role="slideExclude">
<para>An OpenLdap server may contain multiple <xref
<para>The server's configuration is itself being stored as a separate
<para>Each tree refers to a separate database backend. Thus the above
example featuring two trees is being implemented by two database
<section xml:id="ldapPrepare">
<title>Recommended Preparations</title>
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