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Git introduction

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<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" id="terminal" baseProfile="full" viewBox="0 0 640 342" width="640" version="1.1">
<termtosvg:template_settings xmlns:termtosvg="">
<termtosvg:screen_geometry columns="80" rows="20"/>
<style type="text/css" id="generated-style"><![CDATA[#screen {
font-family: 'DejaVu Sans Mono', monospace;
font-style: normal;
font-size: 14px;
text {
dominant-baseline: text-before-edge;
white-space: pre;
<style type="text/css" id="user-style">
/* gjm8 color theme (source: */
.foreground {fill: #c5c5c5;}
.background {fill: #1c1c1c;}
.color0 {fill: #1c1c1c;}
.color1 {fill: #ff005b;}
.color2 {fill: #cee318;}
.color3 {fill: #ffe755;}
.color4 {fill: #048ac7;}
.color5 {fill: #833c9f;}
.color6 {fill: #0ac1cd;}
.color7 {fill: #e5e5e5;}
.color8 {fill: #1c1c1c;}
.color9 {fill: #ff005b;}
.color10 {fill: #cee318;}
.color11 {fill: #ffe755;}
.color12 {fill: #048ac7;}
.color13 {fill: #833c9f;}
.color14 {fill: #0ac1cd;}
.color15 {fill: #e5e5e5;}
<svg id="screen" width="640" viewBox="0 0 640 340" preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMin meet">
<rect class="background" height="100%" width="100%" x="0" y="0"/><defs><g id="g1"><text class="foreground" textLength="448" x="0">&gt;git diff </text></g><g id="g2"><text class="foreground" font-weight="bold" textLength="272" x="0">diff --git a/ b/</text></g><g id="g3"><text class="foreground" font-weight="bold" textLength="232" x="0">index 5d72bde..d273b77 100644</text></g><g id="g4"><text class="foreground" font-weight="bold" textLength="120" x="0">--- a/</text></g><g id="g5"><text class="foreground" font-weight="bold" textLength="120" x="0">+++ b/</text></g><g id="g6"><text class="color6" textLength="128" x="0">@@ -1,5 +1,10 @@</text></g><g id="g7"><text class="foreground" textLength="160" x="0"> public class Math {</text></g><g id="g8"><text class="color1" textLength="8" x="0">-</text></g><g id="g9"><text class="color2" textLength="40" x="0">+ /**</text></g><g id="g10"><text class="color2" textLength="224" x="0">+ * Summing two int values.</text></g><g id="g11"><text class="color2" textLength="208" x="0">+ * @param a first value.</text></g><g id="g12"><text class="color2" textLength="216" x="0">+ * @param b second value.</text></g><g id="g13"><text class="color2" textLength="232" x="0">+ * @return The sum of both.</text></g><g id="g14"><text class="color2" textLength="40" x="0">+ */</text></g><g id="g15"><text class="foreground" textLength="200" x="0"> static public int add(</text></g><g id="g16"><text class="foreground" textLength="248" x="0"> final int a, final int b) {</text></g><g id="g17"><text class="foreground" textLength="152" x="0"> return a + b;</text></g><g id="g18"><text class="foreground" textLength="8" x="0">&gt;</text><text class="background" textLength="8" x="8"> </text><text class="foreground" textLength="624" x="16"> </text></g></defs><g><use y="0" xlink:href="#g1"/><use y="17" xlink:href="#g2"/><use y="34" xlink:href="#g3"/><use y="51" xlink:href="#g4"/><use y="68" xlink:href="#g5"/><use y="85" xlink:href="#g6"/><use y="102" xlink:href="#g7"/><use y="119" xlink:href="#g8"/><use y="136" xlink:href="#g9"/><use y="153" xlink:href="#g10"/><use y="170" xlink:href="#g11"/><use y="187" xlink:href="#g12"/><use y="204" xlink:href="#g13"/><use y="221" xlink:href="#g14"/><use y="238" xlink:href="#g15"/><use y="255" xlink:href="#g16"/><use y="272" xlink:href="#g17"/><rect class="foreground" height="17" width="8" x="8" y="289"/><use y="289" xlink:href="#g18"/></g></svg>
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