Commit 737150a3 authored by Dr. Martin Goik's avatar Dr. Martin Goik

Update git info blocks

parent 14211506
......@@ -12221,9 +12221,11 @@ Switched to branch 'master'</screen>
<para>Connecting to a remote repository.</para>
<para>Connecting local to remote repository or clone</para>
<para>Handling conflicts.</para>
<para>push local to remote</para>
<para>pull from remote to local</para>
......@@ -12513,9 +12515,9 @@ Unpacking objects: 100% (5/5), done.
<para>Two user editing conflicts</para>
<para>Line level conflicts</para>
<para>Code merging</para>
<para>Manual merge</para>
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