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Cheat sheet upload URI

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...@@ -430,16 +430,21 @@ ...@@ -430,16 +430,21 @@
</figure> </figure>
<figure xml:id="sd1_fig_text_Mi_E_examination"> <figure xml:id="sd1_fig_text_Mi_E_examination">
<title>MI E-examination servers</title> <title>E-examination resources</title>
<itemizedlist> <itemizedlist>
<listitem> <listitem>
<para>Examination server <link <para>Examination server <link
xlink:href=""></link> xlink:href=""></link>
providing recent examinations.</para> providing recent examinations. (External access by requires <link
linkend="sd1_fig_text_MiVpn">Mi VPN</link>.)</para>
<para>Requires <link linkend="sd1_fig_text_MiVpn">Mi <listitem>
VPN</link>.</para> <para>«<link
sheet uploads</link>» of <filename>zip</filename> Archives to be
used during the examination.</para>
</listitem> </listitem>
<listitem> <listitem>
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