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Apache Directory Studio amendments

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......@@ -1158,10 +1158,30 @@ access to attrs=userPassword,shadowLastChange,passwordClear
linkend="sdiBrowseExistingLdap"/> and <xref
linkend="ldapCompanyLdif"/> to <xref
<para>When logging in as a non - admin user
<abbrev>i.e.</abbrev> using a bind <xref linkend="glo_DN"/>
like <code>uid=petra,ou=MIB,ou=MI,dc=betrayer,dc=com</code>
you will not be able to browse your tree. This action requires
a permission setting to be changed in
<code>olcDatabase={1}mdb,cn=config of your server's
configuration tree</code>:</para>
<para>Replace: <code>to * by
manage by * <emphasis
<para>By: <code>to * by
manage by * <emphasis
<para>Find your lDAP servers database back end. Install the
<para>Find your LDAP servers database back end. Install the
<package>lmdb-utils</package> package and dump your back end's
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